Architects, and Architecture, are much more than business, bricks & mortar.

It’s about a socio- economic responsibility that also reflects its time and space.

Buildings shape us as much as we shape them.

The real challenge is not to be caught up in the clouds of dreams or music of the soul.

Architects have a responsibility, to appropriately incorporate and synthesise the needs of their clients with their life style. Taking into account, budget limitations, site characteristics, local authority, and many more considerations.

Architecture is not just the functional arrangement of spaces. It is a multi dimensional experience created by time, volume, size, materials, finishes.

The majority of Architectural work in Hermanus is private dwelling homes. This is the most challenging, but also most rewarding instruction that an Architect can receive.

It is true that for a large section of the population of Hermanus, building a new home, it is going to be either their last home, their ideal holiday home or generally their dream home. This requires an Architect with a well developed understanding of human nature, and the ability to read between the lines, so to speak, as many of us have difficulty defining our needs or life style. An Architect must have the ability to listen and lead the client to develop a brief that will reflect their specific needs accurately.

Icon Consultants is a small Architects firm with a large capacity. While all documentation is produced as CAD drawings, the design work is carefully and meticulously hand drawn by John Dry personally. We have the capacity to provide all the normal Architectural services required, from inception to the final completion and handing over the keys for any project.

Based in Hermanus, but able to handle projects anywhere in the Overberg gives Icon Consultants the advantage of understanding local conditions relating to weather, climate and local authorities.

After having qualified at the University of Pretoria, John soon opened his own practice and for many years was involved with many and varied Government and private sector projects such as; homes, offices, schools, laboratories, auditoria and many more.

Because of John’s love for nature one of the most rewarding projects was the development of the Master plan for the National Zoological Gardens which also included various animal enclosures. (Not cages) A well designed animal enclosure is sensitive to an animal’s specific needs, life style and natural environment.

Architect John Dry and partner Erna who is an accomplished artist, moved to Hermanus in 1999.Hornbill House, at the beginning of the Hemel & Aarde Valley, has been their home for many years as it has allowed them to explore their varied interests; architecture, art, wine making, sculpture, cycling, hiking and more.